The Campaign Begins...
...if you can really call that a beginning

Abandon all hope ye who enter here…

The players didn’t know what to expect, and they certainly got just that. Being conscripted and beaten senseless (several times) isn’t exactly a raucous start, but hey, heroes gotta start somewhere.

Anyway, onto the events of the day:

  • Conscription: Along with many other “soldiers”, the fateful party members lay wallowing in the filth and grime of a ship’s hold. After being handed a weapon and shoved onto the shore, the characters fought for their lives against seemingly endless hordes of orcs.
  • Seconds after the battle, orders echoed across the landscape, “Retreat!” As they rounded the last bend, the party was confronted with a large group of disgruntled and confused superior officers, who would except no excuses for retreat.
  • The party was once again jailed (and beaten), this time as prisoners
  • During transportation, the prison caravan was ambushed by an Orc raiding party, and as the guards fought the Orcs, the characters saw it as an opportunity, and the fled to the fateful town to the north.
  • Upon arrival, they were treated with mistrust, mainly due to the strange circumstances, but they were allowed to pass into the town.

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